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İsrail ve Almanya diplomatik ilişkilerinin 50. yılını kutladı




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Almanya Federal Cumhuriyeti ve İsrail Devleti arasındaki diplomatik ilişkilerin 50. yılı nedeni ile Almanya Başkonsolosluğu’nda dün akşam konser ve resepsiyon düzenlendi.

Almanya Federal Cumhuriyeti Başkonsolosu Dr. Georg Birgelen ve İsrail Devleti Başkonsolosu Shai Cohen  geceye ev sahipliği yaptılar.

“Sultan için Klezmer” konserinde Yinon Muallem (İsrail) ve Helmut Eisel (Almanya), Yaniv Raba (İsrail),  Tomer Moked (Israil-Alman) ve Kağan Yıldız (Türkiye) birlikte sahne aldılar.



İsrail Başkonsolosu Sn. Shai Cohen’in gecenin açılışında yaptığı  konuşma:

Israel and Germany celebrate 50 years of bilateral diplomatic relations

In 1965; West German Chancellor Ludwig Erhard and Israeli Prime Minister Levi Eshkol established diplomatic relations and arranged for the exchange of ambassadors.

In 2015; this summer, the European Maccabi Games were held in Germany for the first time. The opening ceremony of the biggest Jewish sports event in Europe was held in Berlin’s Olympic Stadium, where the 1936 Olympic Games opened in Nazi Germany.

Ladies and gentlemen,

11992569_10156059487640425_412415298_nThis year marks 50 years since Israel and West Germany established diplomatic ties. It has been an understandably complex relationship, launched two decades after the Holocaust ended and 14 years after West Germany committed to reparations “both moral and material” for the genocide committed by the Nazis.

The connection between Israel and Germany has grown beyond its historical imperative, encompassing broad political, cultural, economic and military exchanges.

The countries’ societies played an important role in paving the way for this historic move. The societies built bridges between the peoples in both countries, especially applying to sciences, culture and sport.

The rapprochement between the two countries was marked by three bilateral milestones. First, The Luxembourg Agreement of 1952, which constituted the Federal Republic of Germany’s assumption of responsibility for the consequences of the Holocaust.

The second milestone was the meeting on March 1960 in New York, between David Ben-Gurion, Israel’s first Prime Minister, and Konrad Adenauer, Germany’s first Chancellor. These 2 leaders had a vision and only 15 years after 2nd World War they met in friendship and trust to lay the basis for the relations between both states.

The final milestone was the Eichmann trial of 1961, held in Israel.

The post-1965 era has been marked by the rapid development of bilateral relationships and contacts. In 1969, for the first time, a delegation comprised of members of the Knesset was officially welcomed to Germany’s Bundestag .

In 1975, Yitzak Rabin was the first Prime Minister of Israel to visit Germany. In 1985, President Richard von Weizsäcker of Germany became the country’s first head of state to visit Israel. In 1987, President  Chaim Herzog of Israel was the first head of the state in Israel to visit Germany.

The growth of trust between the two countries has not been restricted to the political sphere. Societal ties have played a highly important role. These have taken the form of youth exchange programs and civic partnerships. Today, cities in Germany and Israel maintain more than 100 such partnerships.

Over 2 million young Germans and Israelis have participated in joint programs and meetings.

Agreements and cooperations have been agreed upon in all fields. The strength characterizing these ties were demonstrated by the ability to overcome devastating events such as the terror attack staged during the 1972 Olympics in Munich, in which eleven members of the Israeli team were killed.

Governmental bilateral consultations are held once a year. They are attended by the two countries’ cabinets. These represent both countries’ manifestation of their will to deepen and intensify the partnership existing between them in all fields.Picture1

A large number of economic and scientific projects have been established and directly benefiting the citizens of the two countries.

Germany is the 3rd trade partner for Israel, after USA and China and 1st in Europe with a volume close to 7 billion US $.

Israel and Germany are also employing trilateral ties – applying especially to Africa – to attain the “Millennium Goals of Development”. Priorities were set: water management, agriculture and health. To implement these objectives, Israel and Germany are jointly pursuing projects of development in states like Burkina Faso, Cameroon and Burundi.

Israel and Germany also maintain partnerships and cooperation programs through Israel’s’ special relations with EU, where Germany is a central player and one of its founders.

The values shared by the countries of a belief in rule through democracy and by law form the basis of their vision to jointly configure their future. A unique trust and real friendships have emerged out of the abyss constituted by the horrors perpetuated by the Nazis. Israel and Germany have joined forces to make sure this never repeats.

I want to finish my words quoting President Rivlin and former Foreign Minister of Germany Dr. Klaus Kinkel.

President Rivlin said:

“The bridges built between both countries over the past half-century rest upon the foundations of brave and deep national soul searching.”

Former Foreign Minister Dr. Klaus Kinkel said: (1999)

“The path in which history tied Israel and Germany together, will ensure the uniqueness of our relationship: more emotional and sensitive, thus creating a huge responsibility in relation to the future generations.”




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