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İsrail Başkonsolos Yardımcısı Ohad Avidan Kaynar’ın İsrail’deki son gelişmeleri yorumladığı yazısı




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Between “Altneuland” and “All the other nations”

It’s been a long time since I wrote my last blog post, not specifically keen on writing one now to say the truth.

This has been one of the worst weekends of our collective Israeli lives.
We have witnessed murders on top of murders, riots, rockets, racism and Hate. So much Hate.

I was trying to comprise my thoughts on what should be written. What won’t seem as alligator tears [although they never are – it’s all from my bleeding heart I promise you that] what would make you all understand where things lay, in a way that wouldn’t seem cold detached or condescending?!
I Just couldn’t do it, couldn’t get this blog started, its first letters even, seemed like an affirmation of our collective defeat, as Israelis, as civilized people, as Humans.
But as with most important ideals and idealistic thoughts, you can try and repress them, but they will out.
Well… this one found its way out as well.
It happened by coincidence, while discussing this cover picture I have created for our Facebook page with other Ministry officials.


It seems some of them feared, that the addition of poor Muhammad Abu-Hdir R.I.P to the Three Jewish boys who were murdered earlier would be “perceived as cynical”, “condescending” to Muslim followers of our page, that he “wasn’t Israeli by choice” [supposedly as a form of political protest] and that his family and friends wouldn’t consider him Israeli and so would find it antagonizing that we treat him as one.

Having given these issues some thought [not much I admit as I have a low tolerance for prejudice, racism or BS] I went on to write the following comments, to those persons:

He is an Arab Israeli living in Jerusalem. What he or his family choose to do as political protest [and in this case they didn’t choose to do, to the best of my knowledge] is all fine and dandy, but the fact remains Arab Israelis born in Israel are full right citizens and should be treated as such. Put all that aside, we in the ministry publicize them [day in day out] as treated as equal citizens, on our sites and in our Hasbara – so now all of a sudden he isn’t Israeli enough???


To that, the persons I was debating raised this:
Since he was apparently killed by Jewish Israelis just because he was Arab (Israeli) I find it patronizing to put him in that row. He was killed by “our boys” if you will. Because of that he is not “our symbol”. And I don’t think we should use him as such. It has a cynical taste to it. I don’t doubt that Israeli Arabs are full right citizens, but I find it inappropriate to embrace him like this.

And that ladies and gentlemen, is in essence the whole Israeli Palestinian quagmire on a plate.

The statement: “He was killed by “our boys” if you will. Because of that he is not “our symbol
Holds in itself all the makings of the whole conflict.
Is It us VS them even within the confines of Israel itself now? Is it our martyrs and their killers or our killers and their Martyrs even between Israeli Jews and Arabs, not to mention with the Palestinians? Seems we would have some affinity by now, seeing as we are the only ones caught in our vicious cycle of murder, begat hate, begat murder, begat hate. But as this person wrote, it appears most of us still don’t.


I answered as such:

I respect your opinion but think you are looking at it via cynical eyes – which make it cynical to you. He was a boy murdered by hateful terrorists, just like the other three boys. The only ones who are actually not ‘our boys’ are his killers. Notice what the PM – President – Justice Minister etc. have said in recent 24 hours. A Murder is a Murder a Terrorist is a Terrorist all to be condemned and lamented in the same fashion. The difference between Propaganda and Hasbara is that Hasbara is backed by facts and truth. Saying there is a difference in this case because he was a Muslim Murdered by Jews… Well I can’t accept that, because if I do then the next time I will be answering a question about Arab Israelis it would be propaganda and not Hasbara, and I’m not quite ready to do that


Once again the person answered saying:
What I find cynical is that I am sure that Muhammad would not have considered himself to be “our boy”. His parents clearly don’t consider him as such. I don’t think that we (representing the state of Israel) should make him ‘our boy’.


Allowing me to hit the nail on the head:

Once again I respect your opinion, but beg to differ. If we say we treat them as equal citizens than they have all rights of citizens, including protest and freedom of speech. If they aren’t happy with Israel and don’t feel it is their country, it’s their right. We can either do a better job to make them feel a part of us [like this cover photo] and be more inclusive as a society, or we can tolerate their protest, as long as it and we are democratic about it. Those are my two cents.


Meaning: We are all God’s creatures [yes yes, no atheists on a crashing plane reported as of yet]. We must connect to the human soul in one another, see the similar instead of the different, be inclusive instead of preclusive and try to get along.

In a week marred by the death of so many young ones, can’t that be the lesson to be learnt?

That a mother’s tears for her son are the same whether Muslim or Jewish, and that dammed terrorists are dammed if they believe in God or Allah or whatever!

As my headline suggests; we are trapped between the Utopic Egalitarian Altneuland of Theodor Hertzel and the biblical phrase: “kechol hagoyim” (Bible – shoftim – 8, 22) the phrase in which the sons of Israel ask god to make us as all the other nations.

In essence, we strive to be better, to be a shining light of democracy and pluralism, every so often our light is dimed by those who seek to snuff it out and bring us down to the lowest common denominator of hatred and murder.

Let us be stronger, let us live together, for the sake of all the dead boys, but moreso for the sake of the living.


Ohad Avidan Kaynar

Deputy Consul General
Israeli CG in Istanbul

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