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“And not a word about Israel”. Or – “The easiest questions possible”.




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Başkonsolos Yardımcımız Sn. Ohad Avidan Kaynar’ın kaleme almış olduğu yazıyı sizlere sunuyoruz.

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And not a word about Israel Or The easiest questions possible

As a diplomat, serving in Turkey during days of crisis, I have come to realize that a reverse equation exists, between the simplicity of questions, to the availability of answers.

It seems people are ever prone to spurting out Cliché’s, as if they were axioms when regarding the toughest questions available; but are stumped, bewildered, and lip locked when it comes to the easiest ones.
Some of the questions that are most determinant to the Middle East are left unasked, for fear of casting an air of simplicity or formalism on the asker. If by mere accident or tomfoolery one dares cast them into the air, be sure that group psychology will kick in, with its listeners, more than willing to act as a well-trained anti-aircraft unit, shooting down question and asker out of metaphoric sky in a jiffy.
Let me ask you some of these questions out loud, I don’t mind you shooting them down later, as long as you have a short look inwards, and add a few simple questions of your own, they reside in you as well, I am certain .

A. Why are the Middle East borders, most of Africa, and part of Asia drawn in straight lines?
B. Can you tell apart a Jew and a Muslim by looking at them?
C. Can you tell apart a Muslim who is Jordanian from a Muslim who is Egyptian by looking at them?
D. If deep state exists what is its aim?
E. Can a book, in itself [not its words] be holy?
F. Can land?
G. Does land stop being holy where a 20th century border is drawn?
H. Should people kill each other over the holiness of books or land?
İ. Will that solve anything?
J. How many violent revolutions and uprisings led to long lasting stability in the 20th century?
K. How many nonviolent ones?
L. Why is it that the world tolerated the mass killing of Jews in the millions during the Holocaust?
M. If Jews control the media how is it they get bashed by it?
N. If Iran has so much oil, why does it need nuclear energy for electricity? Shouldn’t they build oil based energy generators?
O. And why should it bury its nuclear development plants underneath the ground if they are for peaceful research?
P. How does firing rockets from unoccupied land to a neighbor country signify a want of peace?
Q. Why can people still get away with using chemical weapons in the 21st century?
R. What makes a revolution right?
S. What makes a revolution wrong?
I can go on, but I’m sure you have some of these you are anxious to shoot down and some you want to add on your own.
So, fire away…

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