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Blog post by Deputy Consul General of Israel in İstanbul




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As the Israeli Foreign ministry is on strike these days, I will keep it short and to the point:
1. Following comments which were made by a private individual, opinions which at no point resembled any coherent idea or statement held or given by the government of Israel; I had [for the first time in my life] needed to leave a very interesting roundtable discussion on Israeli-Turkish relations.
2. My apologies to the organizers of the roundtable event, friends which had labored to improve Israeli Turkish ties.
3. Never would I have guessed that after withstanding two years of the very worst and most hateful rhetoric, an Israeli guest, in a Turkish panel would be the reason I would have to walk out.
4. One day before this event took place; another problematic and objectionable statement had been given, this time by a Turk. It would seem that when hateful and harmful rhetoric comes, it does so from all sides of the table…

Or as the saying goes: When it rains, it pours.

Ohad Avidan Kaynar – DCM
Consulate General of Israel in Istanbul


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  2. Zelal says:

    No matter who tells what, As a person who lived in Israel over a year, I can honestly tell Israel’s democracy in some levels far better than Turkey. you accept Arabic language as your second official language, and you use it every outdoor sign, Your grand council have Arabic, Palestenian representatives, and also the percantage is must, to fill some amount by Arabic Representatives for every political party. You respect arab minority in Israel, Palestenians can walk with their flags in Tel-Aviv, Jafa, You have Mosques, and nearby Mosques, there are jewish coffee shop owners, who turns the music off when they hear holy Ezan.The arab villages, are not even village but more like villa cities and most of residents owns luxury cars just by doing farming,In your schools you give Arabic Lessons. There are so many things to add, And for me Turkey have so many things to learn from Israel, Nothing is like the Turkish Ministers show like….I explained all, because I want people hear from me. We are hoping, the government, leaves, this hatred policy against İsrael changes soon so we can be able to show the realities to Turkish People and create friendly relations as it was before.

  3. Ohad says:

    Thank you for your Comment Zelal. I share your hope that our two countries will reconcile and march forward on the basis of Kinship.

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